Our CNC Prototyping Service

  • Speed

    CNC prototyping delivers fast turnaround times, allowing you to quickly iterate through multiple design versions. The automated machining process enables building parts in hours/days rather than weeks.

  • Accuracy

    Precision CNC machines provide tight tolerances down to ±0.005 inches or less. Parts match the 3D CAD model dimensions and operate as designed for concept validation.

  • Flexibility

    CNC can handle plastics, metals, foam, wood, and more. It supports complex geometries and can make small batches with different materials. The process is easily adjustable for design changes.

Gallery of CNC Prototyping Parts

Get fast, affordable custom prototypes with our CNC machining services. Our expert engineers produce accurate plastic or metal parts from your 3D CAD models in as fast as 24 hours. Perfect for concept models and design validation.
  • CNC Machining Connector
    CNC Machining Connector
  • CNC Turning Bolts
    CNC Turning Bolts
  • CNC Prototyping Suppliers
    CNC Prototyping Suppliers
  • CNC Prototyping Rings
    CNC Prototyping Rings
  • Custom CNC Prototyping
    Custom CNC Prototyping
  • CNC Prototyping Supplier
    CNC Prototyping Supplier

CNC Prototyping Material Selection

CNC Prototyping Surface Finishes

Achieve optimal function and aesthetics with our variety of CNC prototyping surface finishes. From raw to polished looks, we can match your custom prototype parts to specified textures and appearances. Evaluate designs before full production.

Surface FinishDescriptionApplication
Smooth FinishClean, polished appearanceAesthetics, consumer products
Matte FinishNon-reflective, satin-like surfaceFunctional parts, reduced glare
Textured FinishPatterns or textures for improved gripHandles, tooling grips
Polished FinishMirror-like, highly reflective surfaceDecorative components, high-end products
Brushed FinishUniform parallel lines for distinctive lookDecorative components, architectural details
Anodized FinishColored, corrosion-resistant oxide layerAerospace, electronics, consumer products
Bead-Blasted FinishUniform matte appearance through particle blastingMedical devices, automotive components
Etched FinishPatterns or text created through chemical/laser etchingBranding, labeling, personalization
Powder Coated FinishDurable and decorative coating applicationOutdoor components, machinery parts
Painted FinishVarious colors and textures applied with paintCustom color requirements, artistic applications

CNC Prototyping Applications

  • CNC Machining Automotive Parts
    CNC Machining Automotive Parts
    CNC Machining Automotive Parts

    CNC prototyping rapidly validates automotive components like intake manifolds, pistons, and transmission parts. Machined prototypes test form, fit, and function before full auto production.

  • CNC Machined Consumer Parts
    CNC Machined Consumer Parts
    CNC Machined Consumer Parts

    For consumer products, CNC milled prototypes enable testing of ergonomics, feel, and durability prior to manufacturing. Useful for sporting goods, electronics, and appliances.

  • CNC Machined Aerospace Parts
    CNC Machined Aerospace Parts
    CNC Machined Aerospace Parts

    Lightweight aerospace parts like airframe and engine components are prototyped with CNC machining. Testing verifies strength, fatigue resistance, and high precision before flight.

Cases of CNC Prototyping Service

Medical Device
Medical Device

A medical startup needed to test prototypes of a new laparoscopic surgery device for ergonomics and functionality. They partnered with a CNC prototyping shop to produce multiple design iterations out of plastic resin, enabling surgeons to trial the grip, weight, and usability of the device before finalizing the design. Rapid CNC machining provided cost-effective prototypes in 1-2 days, allowing quick design modifications throughout the development process. This accelerated the path to regulatory approval and product launch.


An engineering team was building a robot arm for warehouse order fulfillment but needed prototyping services to test their aluminum alloy design. The CNC shop quickly machined the complex robotic arm components to fine tolerances for assembly. The fully functioning prototype allowed the engineers to evaluate strength, range of motion, and precision for the robot's picking and placing capabilities. Multiple versions were iterated via CNC until the perfect design was achieved.

Consumer Product
Consumer Product

When launching a new electric toothbrush, the consumer goods company used CNC prototyping to test and modify injection molds, production line jigs and fixtures. This process refinement saved significant time and money during full-scale manufacturing. The CNC shop quickly machined mold and tooling prototypes from aircraft-grade aluminum, enabling the company to fine-tune the production system prior to high volume output.

  • Q

    What is an advantage of CNC Prototyping?


    CNC prototyping enables fast fabrication of highly accurate parts, allowing for rapid design validation and testing before committing to full production.

  • Q

    What is the difference between lost-wax casting and CNC Prototyping?


    Lost-wax casting involves sculpting a wax model, molding and casting it, then melting the wax out. CNC prototyping uses automated machining to precisely cut parts from raw material like metal or plastic.

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