E-Mobility Sets Prototyping: Partner with us for e-mobility engineering and prototyping services. Our team can design and build custom e-bike, e-scooter, EV, and other electric mobility product prototypes to accelerate your development.

Prototyping and Low-volume Production of E Mobility Parts

  • Expert Engineering Team

    Our experienced engineers specialize in e-mobility product development and understand the technical requirements.

  • Advanced Prototyping Technologies

    We use the latest 3D printing, CNC machining, and other rapid prototyping technologies to build e-mobility prototypes.

  • Accelerated Turnaround Time

    Our streamlined processes allow us to iterate prototypes to accelerate your development timeline quickly.

  • Rigorous Testing and Quality Checks

    All materials, processes, and prototypes undergo stringent testing to meet safety, durability, and performance standards.

E-Mobility CNC Machining Materials

Choose from more than 30 metal alloys and hundreds of high-performance plastics.

Steel & stainless steel

316/316L, 15-5, 1045, 4140, A36


6061-T6, 7075-T6, 5052, 5083-H111, 2024-T351

Brass & copper alloys

C360, C110, C101


Polycarbonate (PC), ABS, PEEK, PET

Commodity polymers

Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), PVC

Robotics Surface Finishes

Robotics Surface Finishes
  • Anodizing

  • Polishing

  • Electroless nickel plating

  • Black Oxide

  • Chromate Conversion Coating

  • Powder coating

  • Painting

  • Insert installation

  • Heat treatment

  • Passivization

E-Mobility Sets Prototyping

E-Mobility Sets Prototyping

With the rise of electric vehicles, the e-mobility sector requires agile prototyping. Fine Precision's rapid molding and CNC machining prototyping services cater to this demand. Quick iterations are crucial when developing components for electric vehicles, like battery casings or motor mounts. Rapid molding allows for the replication of intricate designs within days, aiding in testing and validation. CNC machining prototyping further enables the creation of functional prototypes for critical parts, ensuring they meet the precision demands of the e-mobility industry.

Gallery of E-Mobility CNC Machining Components

  • zinc die casting automotive applications
    zinc die casting automotive applications

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