Our Laser Cutting Service

  • Precision

    Laser cutting achieves tolerances within 0.005 in. and features sharp corners and fine details not possible with other methods. The CNC-controlled process provides consistency and repeatability.

  • Speed

    The automated laser cutting process enables fast turnaround, often within days. No additional tooling or setup is required, streamlining parts production.

  • Flexibility

    Laser cutting handles sheet metal, plastic, wood, composites, and more up to 1 in. thick. It can produce high mix, low volume or mass customization with quick changeovers.

Gallery of Laser Cutting Parts

Get high precision custom metal or plastic parts expertly laser cut to your specifications. Our laser cutting services deliver fast turnaround for complex geometries within tight tolerances.
  • Laser Cut Cutting
    Laser Cut Cutting
  • Laser Cut Sheet Metal
    Laser Cut Sheet Metal
  • Laser Cutting Lock Fitting
    Laser Cutting Lock Fitting
  • Laser Cutting Case
    Laser Cutting Case
  • Laser Cut and Bending Parts
    Laser Cut and Bending Parts
  • Custom Laser Cutting
    Custom Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Material Selection

Laser Cutting Surface Finishes

Enhance the durability and appearance of your laser cut metal or plastic parts. Our surface treatment options include powder coating, anodizing, painting, plating, and more.

Powder CoatingApplied colored powder cured into a paint-like coatAbrasion/corrosion resistant, colorful finishes
AnodizingElectrochemical process produces oxide layerCorrosion protection, wear resistance
PaintingLiquid paint applied and curedColor/graphics, corrosion/scratch resistance
PlatingElectroplated metal coatingsCorrosion protection, conductivity, aesthetics
PassivationChemical treatment forms inert surfaceEnhanced corrosion resistance (stainless steel)
Laser EngravingLaser etches graphics/text into materialPermanent markings for branding, serial numbers

Laser Cutting Applications

  • Automotive Fittings Laser Cutting
    Automotive Fittings Laser Cutting
    Automotive Fittings Laser Cutting

    Laser cutting fashions lightweight, uniform steel or aluminum parts like door panels, roof panels, and seats to improve fuel efficiency.

  • Electronics Laser Cutting Parts
    Electronics Laser Cutting Parts
    Electronics Laser Cutting Parts

    Laser precision cuts conducting metals like copper or gold into electrical contacts, microchip lead frames, and heat sinks.

  • Retail Displays Plate Laser Cutting
    Retail Displays Plate Laser Cutting
    Retail Displays Plate Laser Cutting

    Laser cutting crafts metal and acrylic retail display components that have clean edges and allow light to shine through for high visual appeal.

Cases of Laser Cutting Service

Medical Devices
Medical Devices

A medical device startup utilized laser cutting to create stainless steel prototypes of surgical instrument components with intricate edges and holes. The precision laser process enabled rapid iteration of multiple designs for testing.

Mobility Scooter
Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter manufacturer laser cut aluminum parts like battery trays and footrests to achieve tight tolerances and fast turnaround during development.

Electronics Enclosure
Electronics Enclosure

For a new tablet product, the electronics company laser cut the sleek, thin aluminum enclosure which required tight tolerances and smooth edges to meet aesthetic requirements.

  • Q

    What is the laser cutting process?


    Laser cutting uses a high-power, focused laser beam to melt and vaporize material to cut sheets into parts.

  • Q

    What materials can you cut?


    Metals like steel, aluminum, copper, as well as plastics like acrylic and polycarbonate can be laser cut.

  • Q

    What is the thickest flat sheet you can laser cut?


    Laser cutting can handle sheet thicknesses up to 1 inch depending on the material.

  • Q

    How long does it take to laser cut materials?


    Simple laser cut parts take minutes, while complex geometries with tight tolerances may take hours.

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