Our Die Casting Service

  • Complexity

    Intricate shapes, embosses, and textures can be easily reproduced in die cast parts of our die casting services.

  • Efficiency

    High pressure die casting is highly efficient for medium to high volume production thanks to reusable molds.

  • Surface Finish

    Die cast parts of our die casting industry can obtain very smooth surface finishes without secondary machining required.

  • Strength

    Die casting alloys of our die casting factory like aluminum and magnesium provide excellent strength-to-weight ratios.

Gallery of Die Casting Parts

Get high-quality custom die cast components made to your exact specifications with our specialized services. We offer rapid prototyping and production of precision aluminum, zinc, or magnesium die cast parts.
  • Zinc Die Casting Caps
    Zinc Die Casting Caps
  • Die Casting Heat Sinks
    Die Casting Heat Sinks
  • Zinc Die Casting Hinges
    Zinc Die Casting Hinges
  • Zinc Die Casting Watch Parts
    Zinc Die Casting Watch Parts
  • Brass Die Casting Caps
    Brass Die Casting Caps
  • Die Casting E Cigarette Parts
    Die Casting E Cigarette Parts

Die Casting Material Selection

Die Casting Surface Finishes

Die-cast components often undergo surface treatments to enhance their appearance, durability, and functionality. The choice of surface treatment depends on the desired appearance, functionality, and material of the die-cast component.

Surface TreatmentDescriptionBenefitsApplications
PaintingApplying coatings for protection and aesthetics.Versatile colors, corrosion resistance.Automotive parts, consumer goods.
AnodizingElectrochemical process forming a protective oxide layer on aluminum.Enhanced corrosion resistance, coloring options.Aerospace components, electronics.
PlatingElectroplating with metals for aesthetics and corrosion resistance.Aesthetic appeal, improved durability.Decorative items, hardware.
Powder CoatingApplying dry powder and curing for a durable finish.Even coating, scratch resistance.Appliances, outdoor equipment.
PolishingMechanical polishing for a reflective and smooth finish.Improved aesthetics, enhanced reflectivity.Decorative items, automotive parts.
BrushingCreating brushed or textured finishes.Unique texture, hides scratches.Architectural components, consumer goods.
Shot BlastingPropelling abrasives for uniform texture and cleaning.Matte texture, removes surface imperfections.Automotive parts, machinery components.
Chemical EtchingCreating patterns or textures using chemicals.Custom designs, intricate patterns.Jewelry, decorative items.
E-CoatingImmersing in a paint bath with electric current for even coating.Uniform coverage, corrosion resistance.Automotive components, industrial parts.
TumblingPlacing in a rotating drum with abrasive media for smoothing.Even surface finish, deburring.Hardware, small components.
Laser EtchingEngraving designs or text using laser technology.Precise engraving, customization.Electronic components, medical devices.

Die Casting Applications

  • Automotive Die Castings
    Automotive Die Castings
    Automotive Die Castings

    Manufacturing engine components, transmission parts, structural components, and decorative elements.

  • Electronic Die Castings
    Electronic Die Castings
    Electronic Die Castings

    Producing housings for electronic devices, connectors, heat sinks, and intricate components.

  • Aerospace Die Castings
    Aerospace Die Castings
    Aerospace Die Castings

    Creating lightweight and strong components for aircraft engines, structural parts, and aerospace equipment.

Cases of Die Casting Service

Automotive Transmission Housing
Automotive Transmission Housing

Fine Precision employed aluminum die casting to create the transmission housings, achieving complex geometries and reduced weight. The die-cast transmission housings contributed to enhanced vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions.

Electronics Enclosure
Electronics Enclosure

Fine Precision utilized zinc die casting to create the enclosures, achieving high dimensional accuracy and thin walls. The zinc die-cast enclosures provided effective electromagnetic shielding and protection for sensitive electronics.

Medical Device Housing
Medical Device Housing

Fine Precison employed magnesium die casting to create the housings, meeting biocompatibility standards and providing durability. The magnesium die-cast housings contributed to the lightweight and safe design of the medical device, enhancing patient care.

  • Q

    What is die casting process?


    Molten metal injected into mold under pressure, solidifies, and part is ejected. Precise and efficient for complex metal components.

  • Q

    What is die casting used for?


    Die Casting Applications: Used for intricate parts in automotive, electronics, aerospace, etc., due to high precision, tight tolerances, and smooth surfaces.

  • Q

    How is die casting different from normal casting?


    Die casting offers precision, smooth finishes, and speed with specific molds. Normal casting uses sand molds, suitable for diverse materials and shapes but with less precision.

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