Our 5 Axis Machining Service

  • Increased Access for Machining Intricate Contours

    The additional axes provide greater tool tip access to machine challenging internal geometries and deep contours.

  • Highly Accurate and Repeatable Results

    Simultaneous 5 axis motion ensures superior part geometric accuracy and repeatability even over long production runs.

  • Improved Efficiency With Reduced Setups

    5 axis capabilities allow complete parts to be machined in a single setup, reducing fixture requirements and manufacturing times.

  • Complex 3D Surfaces and Geometries

    5 axis machining enables the production of highly complex parts with intricately contoured surfaces not possible with 3 axis machines.

Gallery of 5 Axis Machining Parts

Get complex, sculpted components machined to your exact specifications with our advanced 5 axis CNC services. Our precision technology delivers highly contoured custom parts with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.
  • 5 Axis Machined Engine Parts
    5 Axis Machined Engine Parts
  • 5 Axis Machined Turbines
    5 Axis Machined Turbines
  • 5 Axis Machining Gears
    5 Axis Machining Gears
  • 5 Axis Machined Gears
    5 Axis Machined Gears
  • 5 Axis Machined Turbine
    5 Axis Machined Turbine
  • 5 Axis Machined Connectors
    5 Axis Machined Connectors

5 Axis Machining Material Selection

5 Axis Machining Surface Finishes

Our 5 axis CNC machining not only delivers complex geometries but also expert surface finishing options. From precision engraving and textures to polishing, plating, and more, we provide custom contoured parts with the surface finish your application requires.

Surface FinishDescriptionApplication
Smooth FinishClean, polished appearanceAesthetics, consumer products
Matte FinishNon-reflective, satin-like surfaceFunctional parts, reduced glare
Textured FinishPatterns or textures for improved gripHandles, tooling grips
Polished FinishMirror-like, highly reflective surfaceDecorative components, high-end products
Brushed FinishUniform parallel lines for distinctive lookDecorative components, architectural details
Anodized FinishColored, corrosion-resistant oxide layerAerospace, electronics, consumer products
Bead-Blasted FinishUniform matte appearance through particle blastingMedical devices, automotive components
Etched FinishPatterns or text created through chemical/laser etchingBranding, labeling, personalization
Powder Coated FinishDurable and decorative coating applicationOutdoor components, machinery parts
Painted FinishVarious colors and textures applied with paintCustom color requirements, artistic applications

5 Axis Machining Applications

  • 5 Axis Machining in Aerospace
    5 Axis Machining in Aerospace
    5 Axis Machining in Aerospace

    Aerospace leverages simultaneous 5 axis CNC machining to produce strong, lightweight structural components and housings with optimized geometries. The technology also enables engraving and texturing of surfaces for improved performance.

  • 5 Axis Machining in Automotive
    5 Axis Machining in Automotive
    5 Axis Machining in Automotive

    Automotive design complexity demands 5 axis CNC machining for components like precision engine valves, contoured wheels, and optimized fuel injector nozzles with intricately sculpted surfaces to improve power, efficiency, and aesthetics.

Cases of 5 Axis Machining Service

Aerospace Turbine Blade
Aerospace Turbine Blade

Fine Precision utilized 5-axis machining to precisely create the turbine blades from high-temperature alloy. The simultaneous multi-axis movement allowed for intricate features. The 5-axis-machined turbine blades met strict aerospace requirements, resulting in enhanced engine efficiency and performance.

Medical Implant Prototype
Medical Implant Prototype

Fine Precision employed 5-axis machining to produce the implant from biocompatible titanium. The multi-axis movement achieved accurate patient-specific shapes. The 5-axis-machined prototype enabled the client to validate the implant's fit and functionality before production, saving time and resources.

Automotive Mold
Automotive Mold

Fine Precision used 5-axis machining to create the mold from hardened tool steel. The multi-axis movement ensured precise cavity and core shapes. The 5-axis-machined mold produced high-quality automotive parts, demonstrating the advantages of multi-axis machining for complex tooling.

  • Q

    What are the 5-axis of machining?


    The 5-axes of machining refer to the 3 linear axes (X, Y, Z) plus 2 rotary axes (A, B) that enable full, simultaneous contouring and positioning.

  • Q

    What are 5-axis machines used for?


    5-axis machines are used to manufacture complex, contoured parts with intricate geometries and deep concavities that require tool access from multiple orientations.

  • Q

    What is the difference between a 5 and 6 axis CNC machine?


    The key difference between 5 and 6 axis machines is the addition of a secondary rotary axis in 6 axis machining, allowing for even more complex part geometries.

  • Q

    What the maximum part size for 5-axis CNC machining?


    Maximum part sizes for 5-axis CNC machining typically range from small benchtop machines to very large floor models able to accommodate parts over 10 feet, depending on the machine.

  • Q

    When should I choose 5-axis CNC machining?


    You should choose 5-axis CNC machining when you need to produce complex, organic or highly contoured parts with accuracy and repeatability that cannot be achieved with 3-axis mills.

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