Our Custom Investment Casting Service

  • Precision

    Custom Investment casting delivers highly precise metal parts holding tight tolerances down to ±0.005 in., even on intricate shapes.

  • Complexity

    Thin walls, complex contours and internal features are possible thanks to the "lost wax" molding process.

  • Surface Finish

    Investment cast parts have an excellent surface finish and do not require secondary machining or polishing.

  • Versatility

    Nearly any ferrous or non-ferrous alloy, including exotic alloys, can be used for investment casting.

  • Repeatability

    The reusable ceramic mold process ensures excellent consistency and repeatability.

Gallery of Investment Casting Parts

Discover excellence in custom investment casting parts at fine precision. From intricate designs to high precision, our investment casting brings your visions to life with quality and expertise.
  • Investment Casting Pipe Parts
    Investment Casting Pipe Parts
  • Investment Casting Power Tool Parts
    Investment Casting Power Tool Parts
  • Investment Casting Tool Parts
    Investment Casting Tool Parts
  • Investment Casting Lock Parts
    Investment Casting Lock Parts
  • Investment Casting Toy Parts
    Investment Casting Toy Parts
  • Investment Casting Bath Parts
    Investment Casting Bath Parts

Investment Casting Material Selection

Investment Casting Surface Finishes

Our investment casting delivers high precision metal components with your choice of surface finishes like as-cast, painted, plated, polished, coated and more to meet application requirements.

Surface FinishDescriptionApplications
Mirror FinishAchieves a highly reflective and smooth surface.Jewelry, decorative items.
Satin FinishCreates a semi-reflective, textured surface.Architectural components.
Matte FinishProvides a non-reflective, textured surface.Functional and industrial parts.
Brushed FinishCreates directional lines with a textured appearance.Hardware, consumer goods.
Polished FinishBuffs the surface to a high-gloss shine.Decorative and functional parts.
Sandblasted FinishUses abrasive particles for a uniform matte texture.Enhances coating adhesion.
Anodized FinishCreates a protective oxide layer for corrosion resistance.Aerospace, medical.
Plated FinishAdds a layer of metal for aesthetic and functional purposes.Decorative and industrial parts.

Investment Casting Applications

  • Aerospace Engine Components
    Aerospace Engine Components
    Aerospace Engine Components

    Engine components, turbine blades, and structural parts for high-performance aircraft and space vehicles.

  • Automotive Engine Parts
    Automotive Engine Parts
    Automotive Engine Parts

    Engine parts, suspension components, and intricate designs enhancing vehicle efficiency and aesthetics.

  • Medical Surgical Instruments
    Medical Surgical Instruments
    Medical Surgical Instruments

    Surgical instruments, implants, and medical devices ensuring precision and patient care.

Cases of Investment Casting Service

Aerospace Engine Component
Aerospace Engine Component

Solution: Investment casting using nickel-based superalloys for precision and durability.

Outcome: Engine components with enhanced performance, contributing to efficient and reliable aircraft engines.

Medical Implant
Medical Implant

Solution: Investment casting of titanium alloy, ensuring precision and compatibility.

Outcome: Successful implantation and improved patient well-being due to custom-designed medical devices.

Architectural Ornament
Architectural Ornament

Solution: Investment casting of brass for intricate details and historical accuracy.

Outcome: Architectural masterpiece restored with precision-crafted ornamental components.

  • Q

    What is investment vs die casting?


    Investment Casting vs. Die Casting: Investment casting uses wax patterns and ceramic molds for intricate shapes and small quantities. Die casting employs reusable molds and molten metal for higher production rates.

  • Q

    What is an advantage of investment casting?


    Advantage of Investment Casting: Precision and intricate designs are achievable, making it suitable for complex parts with fine details and minimal post-processing.

  • Q

    What is the difference between lost-wax casting and investment casting?


    Difference between Lost-Wax Casting and Investment Casting: Lost-wax casting is the historical term, while investment casting emphasizes the use of ceramic molds. Both refer to the same process of creating intricate metal parts through wax patterns and molds.

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