Our Custom Sand Casting Service

  • Material Versatility

    Sand casting enables use of steels, iron, aluminum, copper - nearly any metal alloy can be sand cast.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Sand casting molds have far lower startup costs compared to die casting for lower volume runs.

  • Rapid Prototypes

    Sand cast prototypes can be quickly produced without long lead times for design evaluation.

Gallery of Sand Casting Parts

Get your custom metal components cast to your exact specifications with our reliable sand-casting services. As a top China sand casting factory, we manufacture steel, iron, aluminum, and alloy sand-cast parts for prototyping or production.
  • Sand Casting Coupling
    Sand Casting Coupling
  • Sand Casting Iron Parts
    Sand Casting Iron Parts
  • Steel Sand Castings
    Steel Sand Castings
  • Sand Casting Valve
    Sand Casting Valve
  • Sand Casting Engine Caps
    Sand Casting Engine Caps
  • Sand Casting Bike Parts
    Sand Casting Bike Parts

Sand Casting Material Selection

Sand Casting Surface Finishes

Explore diverse sand casting surface finishes at Fine Precision. Achieve desired textures and appearances for your components, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Surface FinishDescriptionApplications
Smooth FinishAchieves a polished, smooth surface.Decorative items, sculptures.
Matte FinishCreates a non-reflective, textured surface.Functional and industrial parts.
SandblastingUses abrasive particles to create a uniform texture.Enhances adhesion for coatings.
PolishingBuffs the surface to a high-gloss finish.Decorative and functional parts.
Powder CoatingApplies dry powder and bakes it for a durable finish.Enhances corrosion resistance.
Painted FinishAdds a layer of paint for aesthetics and protection.Decorative and functional parts.
Anodized FinishForms an oxide layer for corrosion resistance and coloring.Enhanced durability and color.
Patina FinishDevelops a natural weathered or aged appearance.Architectural and artistic parts.

Sand Casting Applications

  • Automotive Engine Blocks
    Automotive Engine Blocks
    Automotive Engine Blocks

    Engine blocks, transmission housings, and chassis components for reliable and efficient vehicles.

  • Aerospace Engine Parts
    Aerospace Engine Parts
    Aerospace Engine Parts

    Engine parts, structural components, and landing gear for high-performance aircraft and spacecraft.

  • Heavy Machinery
    Heavy Machinery
    Heavy Machinery

    Gears, pulleys, and structural elements for durable industrial equipment.

Cases of Sand Casting Service

Automotive Engine Block
Automotive Engine Block

Sand casting produces robust engine blocks with intricate cooling passages, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and engine performance.

Aerospace Landing Gear Component
Aerospace Landing Gear Component

Sand casting creates strong and reliable landing gear components, crucial for safe aircraft takeoff, landing, and stability.

Architectural Ornamental Piece
Architectural Ornamental Piece

Sand casting crafts decorative architectural elements like intricate balusters, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of buildings and spaces.

  • Q

    What is a sand casting process?


    Sand casting uses packed sand molds to form shapes, into which molten metal is poured to produce parts.

  • Q

    ls sand casting cheap?


    Sand casting has low startup costs compared to other processes, making it economical for lower volume production.

  • Q

    ls sand casting easy?


    The sand mold process is relatively simple and flexible for making custom parts with complex shapes.

  • Q

    What is the benefit of sand casting?


    Benefits of sand casting include fast lead times, ability to use various metals, and capacity for detailed geometries not easily achievable with other methods.

  • Q

    What is green sand casting?


    Sand casting is a popular and versatile method used in foundries for creating various metal components. One type of sand used in this process is green casting sand, which is readily available for sale. Green sand mold casting involves the creation of molds using a mixture of sand, clay, water, and additives. This method is commonly used for aluminum and iron castings. In a green sand casting foundry, skilled workers create intricate molds by packing the green sand mixture around a pattern, allowing for the production of complex shapes and sizes. Green sand cast iron components are known for their strength and durability, making them suitable for a range of applications. The green sand mold casting technique is widely used across the industry, as it provides high-quality results and is relatively inexpensive compared to other casting methods. Therefore, green sand foundries play a crucial role in producing a wide variety of metal castings for different industries, covering everything from automotive to aerospace.

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