Our Metal Stamping Service

  • Speed

    Metal stamping delivers high production volumes, capable of hundreds to thousands of parts per hour. The automated presses rapidly cycle with great consistency.

  • Precision

    Modern stamping uses high accuracy tooling and processes that can hold tolerances as tight as ±0.001 in. for repeatability.

  • Flexibility

    Stamping supports high mix production with the ability to rapidly changeover dies and reprogram presses. A variety of metal alloys and thickness can be run.

Gallery of Metal Stamping Parts

Get high quality thin gauge metal parts produced by our high speed precision metal stamping services. Great for mass production of metal components and enclosures.
  • Aluminum Enclosure Parts
    Aluminum Enclosure Parts
  • Fitting Stamping Parts
    Fitting Stamping Parts
  • Enclosure Stamping Parts
    Enclosure Stamping Parts
  • Custom Metal Stamping Services
    Custom Metal Stamping Services
  • Stamping and Bending Parts
    Stamping and Bending Parts
  • Enclosure Parts Stamping
    Enclosure Parts Stamping

Metal Stamping Material Selection

Metal Stamping Surface Finishes

Enhance metal stamped parts through surface treatments like powder coating, plating, painting and more. Improve durability and aesthetics for production components.

Powder CoatingApplied colored powder cured into a paint-like coatAbrasion/corrosion resistant, colorful finishes
AnodizingElectrochemical process produces oxide layerCorrosion protection, wear resistance
PaintingLiquid paint applied and curedColor/graphics, corrosion/scratch resistance
PlatingElectroplated metal coatingsCorrosion protection, conductivity, aesthetics
PassivationChemical treatment forms inert surfaceEnhanced corrosion resistance (stainless steel)
Laser EngravingLaser etches graphics/text into materialPermanent markings for branding, serial numbers

Metal Stamping Applications

  • Automotive Stamping Parts
    Automotive Stamping Parts
    Automotive Stamping Parts

    Metal stamping produces high volumes of parts like body panels, brackets, gears, and transmission components for low cost and strength.

  • Aerospace Stamping Parts
    Aerospace Stamping Parts
    Aerospace Stamping Parts

    Lightweight aircraft ducting and sturdy engine mounts are fabricated through stamping of aluminum and titanium alloys.

  • Electronics Stamping Parts
    Electronics Stamping Parts
    Electronics Stamping Parts

    Thin, precision metal chassis, frames, and shields are stamped for consumer electronics and industrial devices.

Cases of Metal Stamping Service

Furniture Hardware
Furniture Hardware

High volume steel chair frames, brackets, and table legs were mass produced via metal stamping, providing affordable but durable furniture components.

Beverage Containers
Beverage Containers

Aluminum cans and steel bottle caps were stamped to high precision tolerances at rapid rates up to 2000 per minute to meet beverage industry demands.

Automotive Brackets
Automotive Brackets

Automotive steel alloy brackets for assembling drivetrain and engine components were metal stamped with robotic press tending for consistent quality and fast production.

  • Q

    What is the process of metal stamping?


    Metal stamping uses presses and dies to form, cut, punch, and shape metal sheets into high volume parts.

  • Q

    Is stamping cheaper than casting?


    Yes, metal stamping can be cheaper than metal casting for mass production of metal components.

  • Q

    Is stamping the same as engraving?


    No, stamping forms sheet metal while engraving etches designs into materials using a laser or rotary tool.

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