Our Metal Bending Service

  • Accuracy

    Modern press brakes produce precision metal bending with tight tolerances down to ±0.005 in. repeatably. Programmable tooling ensures accuracy and consistency.

  • Flexibility

    Steel cutting and bending can fabricate a high mix of parts in low volume. Quick changeovers between parts and bend configurations minimize cost.

  • Strength

    The metal's grain structure deforms along the bend contour, maintaining overall strength. Various metals from steel alloys to aluminum can be bent.

Gallery of Metal Bending Parts

Get strong, precision steel sheet bending components fabricated to your specifications. Our metal bending services form various metals into custom angles, enclosures, brackets and more.
  • Custom Metal Bending
    Custom Metal Bending
  • Chassis Shell Metal Bending Cap
    Chassis Shell Metal Bending Cap
  • Sheet Metal Bending Part
    Sheet Metal Bending Part
  • Chassis Shell Metal Bending
    Chassis Shell Metal Bending
  • Sheet Metal Bending Parts
    Sheet Metal Bending Parts
  • CNC Sheet Metal Bending
    CNC Sheet Metal Bending

Metal Bending Material Selection

Metal Bending Surface Finishes

Enhance corrosion resistance and appearance of your curving steel components with our variety of metal finishing options including powder coating, electroplating, anodizing and more.

Powder CoatingApplied colored powder cured into a paint-like coatAbrasion/corrosion resistant, colorful finishes
AnodizingElectrochemical process produces oxide layerCorrosion protection, wear resistance
PaintingLiquid paint applied and curedColor/graphics, corrosion/scratch resistance
PlatingElectroplated metal coatingsCorrosion protection, conductivity, aesthetics
PassivationChemical treatment forms inert surfaceEnhanced corrosion resistance (stainless steel)
Laser EngravingLaser etches graphics/text into materialPermanent markings for branding, serial numbers

Metal Bending Applications

  • Automotive Metal Bending Parts
    Automotive Metal Bending Parts
    Automotive Metal Bending Parts

    Metal bending forms steel and aluminum for automotive uses like frames, brackets, wheels, and panels to provide strength while minimizing weight.

  • Aerospace Metal Bending Parts
    Aerospace Metal Bending Parts
    Aerospace Metal Bending Parts

    Titanium and aluminum alloys are bent into lightweight aircraft structures like wings, fuselages, and engine parts.

  • Medical Metal Bending Parts
    Medical Metal Bending Parts
    Medical Metal Bending Parts

    Stainless steel and titanium are bent into surgical instruments and implants that require high strength and corrosion resistance.

Cases of Metal Bending Service

Enclosure Hardware
Enclosure Hardware

A hardware manufacturer utilized metal bending to fabricate steel brackets, covers, and panels for electronic enclosures. This allowed customized mounting solutions and provided durability.

Solar Array
Solar Array

For a solar array structure, metal bending fabricated tough aluminum support arms at various angles to exact tolerances to maximize solar panel positions.

Medical Cart
Medical Cart

Stainless steel sheet was bent into shelves, racks, and tubing for a medical procedure cart, providing smooth rounded edges and corrosion-resistant storage.

  • Q

    How Does Sheet Metal Bending Work?


    The process of sheet metal bending using a press brake involves positioning and securing the metal within the press brake tool. After alignment, the press descends, applying force to the metal and shaping it into a new form through the creation of angles. Press brakes are capable of exerting forces exceeding 100 tons, allowing them to bend steel sheets with a thickness of over 3 mm.

  • Q

    What is the bending of metal called?


    The bending of metal is referred to as metal bending, forming, pressing, or brake pressing when using a press brake machine.

  • Q

    How can we bend metal?


    Metal can be bent using press brakes, tube benders, rollers, or by hand tools like bending forks and bars. Press brakes provide the most precision and control.

  • Q

    What Are the Industries That Use Sheet Metal Bending?


    The utilization of sheet metal bending is extensive, spanning across industries such as construction, automotive, transportation, aerospace, and infrastructure. It finds application in various sectors to fabricate elements like lips, joggles, flanges, and indents. Additionally, sheet metal bending is occasionally employed to enhance the rigidity of a sheet metal component.

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