Our Custom CNC Turning Service

  • Precision

    CNC lathes can produce parts with incredibly tight tolerances down to thousandths of an inch. The computerized controls allow for exact cutting movements.

  • Consistency

    Since the process is computer-controlled, our custom CNC turning produces highly consistent results from part to part. This level of consistency is hard to achieve with manual machining.

  • Complexity

    CNC can efficiently machine complex part geometries that would be difficult or impossible to produce manually. The programmed instructions guide the machining of curved, angled, or intricately detailed features.

  • Flexibility

    CNC turning machines can be quickly reprogrammed for different parts. This makes them ideal for medium to high-volume production runs.

Gallery of Custom CNC Turning Parts

Get High-Precision CNC Turned Parts - Fast Turnaround and Expert Service. As a top CNC machining turning supplier, We utilize advanced CNC lathes and experienced machinists to deliver tight-tolerance turned components for your application. Serving diverse industries with quality prototypes, production runs, shafts, bushings, and more.
  • Turning Bushing
    Turning Bushing
  • Turning Connector
    Turning Connector
  • Titanium Turning Parts
    Titanium Turning Parts
  • Aluminum Turning Parts
    Aluminum Turning Parts
  • Turning Hydraulic Parts
    Turning Hydraulic Parts
  • SS304 Turning Parts
    SS304 Turning Parts

CNC Turning Material Selection

CNC Turning Surface Finishes

Enhance Your CNC Turned Parts with Professional Surface Treatments. Our surface finishing services include anodizing, powder coating, plating, painting, and more. Improve corrosion resistance, wear protection, electrical insulation, and aesthetics. Expertly applied to meet your specifications.

AnodizingUpgrade Your Aluminum Components with Our Anodizing Services. Anodizing provides durability, corrosion resistance, and design options. Get high-quality type II and III clear and colored anodizing expertly applied to your CNC-turned parts.AluminumClear, black, grey, red, blue, gold.Smooth, matte finish.
Bead BlastingAchieve Unique Matte Finishes with Our Bead Blasting Services. Have a coarse, uniform, abraded texture expertly applied to your CNC-turned components. Bead blasting provides added durability. Ideal surface treatment for improved paint adhesion.ABS, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steeln/aMatte
Powder CoatingAdd Vibrant, Durable Powder Coat Finishes to Your CNC Parts. Wide range of colors and textures. The environmentally-friendly process protects against corrosion, impact, and chemicals. Ideal for aluminum or steel parts. Custom coatings to your specifications.Aluminum, Stainless Steel, SteelBlack, any RAL code or Pantone numberGloss or semi-gloss
ElectroplatingEnhance Performance with Electroplating for Your CNC Parts. Expert copper, nickel, chrome, and zinc plating services. Improves wear/corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and solderability. Precision rack or barrel plating. Strict quality control and testing.Aluminum, steel, stainless steeln/aSmooth, glossy finish
PolishingAchieve Lustrous Finishes with Our CNC Turning Part Polishing Services. Precision polishing produces exacting surface finishes, smoothness, and sheen. Removes fine lines, oxidation, and flaws. Passivation and ultrasonic cleaning are also available.Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steeln/aGlossy
BrushingAdd Unique Directionally Textured Finishes with Brushing. Uniform satin brush patterns are expertly applied to your CNC-turned parts. Stainless steel or brass brushing. Enhances aesthetic appeal. Ideal pre-plate treatment. Removes burrs and contaminants.ABS, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steeln/asatin

CNC Turning Applications

  • CNC Turning Bearing
    CNC Turning Bearing
    CNC Turning Bearing

    Precision CNC Bearing Turning and Machining Services. Get custom bearings, bushings, and sleeves expertly manufactured to your specifications. We provide tight-tolerance turning and grinding of inner and outer bearing races and Precision balls/rollers.

  • CNC Turning Hydraulic Tools
    CNC Turning Hydraulic Tools
    CNC Turning Hydraulic Tools

    Precision CNC Machining for Hydraulic Parts and Components. Get expertly fabricated cylinders, pumps, valves, manifolds, pistons, couplings, fittings, and more. Tight tolerances down to 0.0005". Various materials - steel, aluminum, brass, plastic. Trust us for prototyping to high-volume production.

  • CNC Turning Bushings
    CNC Turning Bushings
    CNC Turning Bushings

    Precision CNC Machined Bushings - Custom Engineered to Your Specs. Get expertly fabricated bushing components. Tight tolerances, fine surface finishes, quick turnaround. Various materials - bronze, steel, aluminum, nylon, etc. Ideal for automotive, robotics, aerospace, machinery, and other applications.

  • CNC Turning Shafts
    CNC Turning Shafts
    CNC Turning Shafts

    Get Custom Precision-Machined Shafts and Axles. Our CNC turning produces high-quality shafts with tight tolerances down to 0.0002". Various materials - steel, aluminum, titanium, plastics. Ideal for motors, pumps, gearboxes, powertrains, and machinery. Engineering consultation available. Prototyping to high-volume production.

Cases of CNC Turning Service

Creating a Custom Fastener Solution for an Aerospace Application
Creating a Custom Fastener Solution for an Aerospace Application

An aerospace company approached us to produce a specialized threaded fastener for a new component design. The fastener needed to meet strict tolerances and performance requirements.

  • Small production run needed of just 500 fasteners

  • Tight dimensional tolerances down to +/- 0.001"

  • Thread specifications required 10-32 UNF with a close fit tolerance

  • Material must withstand high shear/tensile loads and temperature fluctuations

  • Worked closely with the client's engineering team to understand specific application requirements

  • Designed and programmed the CNC turning process to achieve the tight dimensional and threading tolerances

  • Utilized strong and heat-resistant stainless steel material for durability

  • Leveraged our advanced CNC lathes and thread rolling expertise

  • Successfully machined 500 custom stainless steel fasteners to meet all tolerance and thread specifications

  • 100% quality control inspection ensured each fastener was within the stringent requirements

  • Fasteners performed flawlessly when tested by the client in the aerospace component assembly

  • Customer satisfied with our responsiveness, technical expertise, and product quality

Developing a High Precision Gear for a Robotics Application
Developing a High Precision Gear for a Robotics Application

A robotics company required high-precision custom gear for a new actuator design. The gear needed to meet tight tolerances under high loads.

  • New gear design with unique geometry and tooth profile

  • Tolerances of +/- 0.005" on gear dimensions

  • Hardness and surface finish requirements to withstand heavy loads

  • Small batch production run of 100 gears

  • Collaborated with client's engineers to translate a design into manufacturable gears

  • Programmed multi-axis CNC turning operations to produce complex geometry

  • Used hardened steel material and post-machining heat treatment

  • Leveraged in-process gauging to validate tolerances

  • Successfully machined 100 gears to meet all dimensional and hardness specifications

  • Tight production tolerances yielded smooth, efficient gear performance

  • Gears exceeded mean time between failure (MTBF) benchmarks during robotic arm testing

  • Customer pleased with our expertise in small-batch production of complex, high-precision gears

Engineering a Custom Bushing Solution for an Automotive Application
Engineering a Custom Bushing Solution for an Automotive Application

An automotive supplier needed a durable custom bushing for a new transmission design. The bushing required tight tolerances and the ability to withstand high rotational speeds

  • Bushing had an unusual tapered shape and internal profile

  • Concentricity tolerance of 0.002" needed

  • Material must resist wear and thermal expansion

  • High production volume of 50,000 bushings

  • Worked with the client's engineering team to optimize the bushing design

  • Programmed multi-axis CNC turning operations to achieve concentricity

  • Utilized bronze alloy material for its strength and wear properties

  • Scaled production across multiple CNC lathes to meet volume needs

  • Successfully machined 50,000 bushings meeting the 0.002" concentricity spec

  • Post-production testing verified durability across a range of operating temperatures

  • Bushings performed smoothly at speeds up to 5000 RPM

  • Automotive customers pleased with our expertise and capacity to produce a high volume of custom bushings

Fabricating Custom Hydraulic Valve Bodies
Fabricating Custom Hydraulic Valve Bodies

A company manufacturing hydraulic equipment needed custom valve bodies for a new high-pressure system. The valves needed to meet tight tolerances and have a polished finish.

  • Intricate internal geometries within the valve bodies

  • Concentricity requirement of 0.001" for valve seating

  • Internal surface finish of 16 Ra or better

  • Material suitable for 10,000 PSI hydraulic fluid pressure

  • Worked closely with client engineers to design optimal valve body geometry

  • Developed multi-axis CNC turning operations to machine complex internal features

  • Utilized stainless steel material for high pressure durability

  • Performed precision internal polishing processes

  • Produced 100 valve bodies meeting all geometric tolerances

  • Verified surface finish well within specification at 10 Ra

  • Valves exceeded expected life cycles in pressure testing

  • Customer satisfied with our expertise machining challenging custom hydraulic components

  • Q

    What Is CNC Turning?


    CNC turning uses programmed computer controls to automate lathe machining for precision-turned parts like shafts, valves, and bushings.

  • Q

    How Does CNC Turning Work?


    CNC turning works by automatically controlling lathe spindle speeds, cut depths, feed rates, and positioning to precision machine-rotated workpieces.

  • Q

    What Is the Difference Between CNC Milling and CNC Turning?


    CNC milling machines cut stationary material with rotary cutters, while CNC lathes turn rotating material against non-rotary cutting tools.

  • Q

    What Is the Advantage of CNC Turning?


    The advantages of CNC turning include improved consistency, accuracy, surface finishes, productivity, and the ability to machine complex geometries.

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