Get strong, lightweight aluminum components with complex geometries machined to perfection through our precision 5 axis CNC services. Our advanced capabilities deliver intricately contoured aluminum parts to meet your exact design needs

5 Axis Machining Aluminum Material Types

5 Axis Machining Aluminum Material Types

Leverage the strength and lightweight properties of aluminum by having your complex components 5 axis CNC machined from 6061, 7075, 2024, or other alloys. Our precision machining delivers contoured aluminum parts made to your specifications.

  • 5052

  • 6061

  • 6063

  • 7075

Aluminum 5 Axis Machining Design Guidelines

Continuous 5-Axis MovementUtilize full 5-axis capabilities for complex geometries, reducing tool changes and setups.
Avoid OverhangsMinimize extended tool reach to prevent vibrations, ensuring stability during machining.
Proper FixturingDesign effective fixtures to secure parts during multi-axis machining, minimizing vibrations.
Efficient Chip EvacuationEnsure paths for chips to be easily removed from the cutting area, preventing chip buildup.
Tool AccessConsider tool access for all surfaces, optimizing tool paths for intricate features.
Minimize UndercutsLimit undercuts to simplify machining, reducing the risk of tool interference and breakage.
Smooth TransitionsSmoothly transition between surfaces to avoid abrupt changes, ensuring consistent cutting.
Geometry SimplificationSimplify complex geometries when possible, reducing machining complexity and time.
Part OrientationOptimize part orientation to maximize simultaneous tool engagement, minimizing tool changes.
Prototype TestingCreate prototypes to verify design and tool paths, allowing adjustments before full-scale production.

5 Axis Machining Aluminum Surface Finish

Surface FinishDescriptionApplication
Smooth FinishClean, polished appearanceAesthetics, consumer products
Matte FinishNon-reflective, satin-like surfaceFunctional parts, reduced glare
Textured FinishPatterns or textures for improved gripHandles, tooling grips
Polished FinishMirror-like, highly reflective surfaceDecorative components, high-end products
Brushed FinishUniform parallel lines for distinctive lookDecorative components, architectural details
Anodized FinishColored, corrosion-resistant oxide layerAerospace, electronics, consumer products
Bead-Blasted FinishUniform matte appearance through particle blastingMedical devices, automotive components
Etched FinishPatterns or text created through chemical/laser etchingBranding, labeling, personalization
Powder Coated FinishDurable and decorative coating applicationOutdoor components, machinery parts
Painted FinishVarious colors and textures applied with paintCustom color requirements, artistic applications

Aluminum 5  Axis Machining Applications

Aluminum 5 Axis Machining Applications

5 axis machining enables high precision manufacturing of components across aerospace, automotive, mold and die, medical, and electronics industries. Typical applications include production of turbine blades, engine components, impellers, prototypes, tooling, surgical instruments, joints, and complex metal parts requiring intricate geometries.

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