Experience the precision and versatility of aluminum die casting at Fine Precision. Create intricate and lightweight components for various industries with our expert die casting services.

Die Casting Aluminum Types

Die Casting Aluminum Types

Discover the array of common die casting aluminum types at Fine Precision. Choose from alloys like A380, A383, and more, ensuring precision and strength for your components.

  • Alloy 380

  • Alloy 383

  • Alloy 360

  • Alloy 413

  • Alloy 390

Aluminum Die Casting Design Guidelines

Draft AnglesInclude draft angles to facilitate part ejection from the mold.
Uniform Wall ThicknessMaintain consistent wall thickness for even solidification and reduced defects.
Fillets and RadiiAdd fillets and radii to reduce stress concentrations and improve mold filling.
Ribs and BossesReinforce thin sections with ribs, and add bosses for screw holes and inserts.
UndercutsMinimize undercuts for easy part removal and simpler mold design.
Material ConsiderationSelect alloy based on mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and cost.
Surface FinishIndicate desired surface finish for functional and aesthetic requirements.
Gating and RunnersDesign proper gating and runner systems to ensure even metal flow and fill.
Ejector PinsPlace ejector pins strategically for smooth part ejection and minimal marks.
Parting Line LocationChoose parting line location for optimal part design and minimal tool complexity.
Avoid Sharp CornersRound sharp corners to prevent stress concentrations and improve mold filling.
Tooling ConsiderationDesign for ease of mold creation and part removal, considering tooling constraints.

Compare Material Properties of Die Casting Aluminum

PropertyAlloy 380Alloy 383Alloy 360Alloy 413Alloy 390
Tensile Strength (MPa)324303221275290
Yield Strength (MPa)193186159138165
Elongation (%)
Hardness (Brinell)8080708090
Density (g/cm³)2.712.712.682.742.74
Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K)9696969696
Corrosion ResistanceGoodGoodGoodGoodVery Good
Wear ResistanceModerateModerateModerateGoodVery Good
ApplicationGeneralHigh PressureElectricalEngineWear-Resistant

Aluminum Die Casting Applications

Aluminum Die Casting Applications

Experience the versatility of aluminum die casting applications. From automotive to electronics, aerospace to consumer goods, Fine Precision's expertise ensures precision and quality for diverse industry needs.

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