Our aluminum sand casting delivers high-strength components with complex geometries, thin walls, and fine details. Ideal for prototypes or short-run production. Get a quote today.

Sand Casting Aluminum Types

Sand Casting Aluminum Types

Explore the versatility of sand casting aluminum grades at Fine Precision. From lightweight alloys to strong options, achieve precision and durability for diverse applications in various industries.

Aluminum Sand Casting Design Guidelines

Parting LinePlace parting line to facilitate mold separation.
Draft AnglesInclude draft angles for easy part removal from the mold.
Fillets and RadiiAdd fillets and radii to minimize stress concentration.
Wall ThicknessMaintain uniform wall thickness for even solidification.
Ribs and BossesReinforce thin sections with ribs, add bosses for inserts.
UndercutsMinimize undercuts to simplify mold creation and part removal.
Material SelectionChoose suitable material for mechanical properties and costs.
Surface FinishIndicate desired surface finish for aesthetics and function.
Gates and RunnersDesign proper gating and runner systems for efficient filling.
Cores and CavitiesUse cores for internal features, consider mold complexity.
Part OrientationOptimize part orientation for minimum machining and defects.
TolerancesSpecify tolerances considering casting shrinkage.

Compare Material Properties of Aluminum Sand Casting

PropertyAlloy 380Alloy 383Alloy 360Alloy 413Alloy 390
Tensile Strength (MPa)324303221275290
Yield Strength (MPa)193186159138165
Elongation (%)
Hardness (Brinell)8080708090
Density (g/cm³)2.712.712.682.742.74
Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K)9696969696
Corrosion ResistanceGoodGoodGoodGoodVery Good
Wear ResistanceModerateModerateModerateGoodVery Good
ApplicationGeneralHigh PressureElectricalEngineWear-Resistant

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